Wholly Natural Magazine™ | Bringing the Unseen to Life

Bringing the Unseen to Life

By Danielle Tay

“My work is influenced by small events and happenings in daily life which are sometimes overlooked." This "interest in bringing the unseen to life extends itself through the making of whimsical creations which span from wall-based collage and relief work to large-scale installations.” In her article in Issue #8 of Wholly Natural, Danielle shares with us how she is "fascinated by the idea of an alternate reality within spaces which we are familiar with as well as alternate interpretations of forms we constantly encounter. Danielle says “I love experimenting with materials, aesthetics, form, and colour; exploring the ways in which I can express my ideas." She loves to weave narratives and stories and engage people through the visual senses. Her process is energetic, allowing her to embrace different media styles and techniques.

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