Welcome to the World of Wholly Natural

June 03, 2018

Welcome to the heart of Wholly Natural

Welcome to Wholly Natural! We’re pleased to have you for our very first blog post. Here on the Wholly Natural blog, you’ll find all of our most up-to-date news on the world of healthy living and wellbeing. You’ll also be able to read some sneak previews of the Magazine, find lots of interesting articles, and join a community of readers who all care about the same issues. With our blog, we intend to give visitors the chance to see what our wonderful magazine is all about. With this taster, you’ll be able to see whether the magazine is right for you (and we think it will be!)

In our first post, we’re going to look at exactly what Wholly Natural is all about. Our team is totally nuts about natural living, so we cover a broad range of topics across our publications. This post will give you an idea of the exciting topics that we’ll be posting here. We know that our readers love to discover content that is relevant and useful, so that’s exactly what we try and deliver. So, we’ll also look at some of the main areas that our magazine and website cover.


The Wholly Natural Blog Philosophy

As you may have guessed, everyone here at Wholly Natural is mad about healthy living, natural lifestyles, and general wellbeing. We love cute animals, good food, the great outdoors, and interesting people. Therefore, we’re here to celebrate ordinary people who live extraordinary lives. The writers who contribute towards our magazine come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Our goal is to present these diverse and exciting stories to our readers. We believe in empowering our readers and contributors to choose a Wholly Natural lifestyle.

Through our blog, we will give an insight into some of the stories that feature in the magazine. This could be through samples of articles, our top pieces of advice, favourite recipes, or stories related to topics the magazine features. It’s the free content that allows our splendid visitors to share in the lifestyle goals of our publication and its readers. Below are some of the main areas of interest that we delve into:


Health & Fitness

Two key pillars of our natural living ethos are health and fitness. We believe that a healthy and active lifestyle is vital to leading a happy life. We’re not total gym rats or yoga masters, but we still love to get moving and stay fit. Articles in this area cover a whole host of topics, including healthy living tips, fitness regimes, and stories from experts in related fields. We hope that our readers can find inspiration, advice, and insight into these areas, without things seeming too overwhelming.



Wellbeing is a broad term that covers many different areas. It can refer to our physical, mental, and even spiritual wellbeing. At Wholly Natural, we think it’s an area that’s closely tied to a natural and caring lifestyle. We try to look for topics in this area that are both trending and lesser-seen. Whether it’s a unique take on improving your wellbeing or an in-depth look at a recent study, we want to bring you stories that will be of interest to you.


Lifestyle & Family

Family plays a big part in the lives of the Wholly Natural team. From our close relatives to our furry friends, we know the importance that the family can play in living a natural lifestyle. Articles in this area include subjects centred on help and advice, as well as stories from our readers. Through these relatable and charming tales, we hope to help you better understand and connect with your own loved ones.


Food & Recipes

Everyone at Wholly Natural, including our readers, absolutely loves food. It’s an important part of living a healthy lifestyle. But it can also be a decadent treat for when you need a boost! Our aim is to create a community where we can share our recipes and food ideas, whether they’re delightfully delicious or serious about superfoods. In our blog, we’ll chat about seasonal foods, provide natural recipes, and do our best to promote a healthy eating lifestyle. We’ll also talk about how much we love chocolate cake.


Earth & World Community

Part of our aim at Wholly Natural is to foster a community that shares the same values and beliefs. Our staff and our readers strive to live in a way that is respectful of the Earth and everything on it. We’re eco-friendly at heart and think it’s important to spread this message! Articles in our Earth and World Community section cover stories from across the globe. Many of our contributors have been on incredible journeys, literally and spiritually. By sharing their stories, our readers are given a unique look into different cultures and philosophies.


Inspired Arts

Art can take many forms. It’s expressive, beautiful, and unique, and everyone sees and experiences the world in a different way. We try to bring together as many of these inspired arts as possible. Not only do we champion those artists who take a natural approach to their work, but we also encourage our readers to share their own experiences and artistic endeavours. We simply love seeing what the Wholly Natural community is capable of, and want to encourage as many creative tendencies as possible. Our blog will feature a wide variety of arts, so be sure to check back regularly and share your stories.


A Warm Welcome

Hopefully, you’re now familiar with our Wholly Natural approach. If you’ve read this far, there’s a good chance that our healthy living magazine is right for you. You can find all of our current issues on our store page, including our free issue. However, don’t worry if you’re not ready to subscribe just yet! Everyone is welcome to read and contribute to our blog, and we’ll continue to provide a further source of natural goodness to supplement the magazine.

We’ll be regularly posting articles in the broad range of categories we’ve mentioned above. You’re very welcome to read all about the latest goings on in the world of natural living right here. We can’t wait to hear from you, and we’ll be posting again very soon.

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