Lily's 10 Green Tips for the Body, Mind & Soul

June 07, 2018

Our 10 top tips for the mind, body and soul

1. On rising, make it a habit to fill a jug with a litre of warm water and the juice of a whole lemon. Drink this before you eat. Over a short period of time you will notice a difference in your skin, eyes and energy. The water helps to flush the bowel and the lemon acts as a cleanser.

2. Think Green for breakfast! Kick start your day with green juice. Kale, green apple, carrot, beetroot, celery and green powder. Fabulous for your skin, hair nails and the “Whites of your Eyes,” will be WHITE!

3. Sit for 20 minutes and do nothing. Yes! absolutely nothing! Just let your thoughts BE, with no inquiry. A daily practice of this form of meditation has the most amazing effect, on helping to set your day for inner peace and joy.

4. Breath Work! Focusing on the breath is particularly useful when you find yourself feeling stressed or distracted. Breath work takes practice. Like brushing your teeth it can becomes part of your daily routine. The simple act of drawing attention to your breath produces a state of calmness. Through breathing your mind becomes still. Think Loving, Living, Green, as you breathe slowly, in and out. When feeling stressed, bring your attention to the simple sensation and thought of breathing in calmness and tranquillity.

5. Identification of your thoughts; what ‘stories’ are running behind them? You know, the stories that keep us ‘stuck’ in the life we don’t want for ourselves. Take a pen and paper and make a list of these because toxic thoughts create disease. Disease translates to – ‘Ill at ease!’ so take a break from these thoughts. Have a list of things on hand of what you can do or say, when they come up, ‘playing high vibrational music will help to raise your vibration’, take a walk or see a funny movie. Have a what to-do list on hand that will start to shift these thoughts and take action changing them and your life.

6. Nuts are a healthy snack to carry. A good source of protein. A quick pick me up when needing a boost of energy or a sugar fix. Another beautiful food for radiant skin and hair.

7. Add coconut oil to your juices, salads or smoothies. Organic coconut oil is delicious and full of nutrients. Your skin, nails, hair will thank you for it. Also great for the memory!

8. Cut carbs and sugars. If you can’t do this all at once, do one at a time. I find when juicing every day I don’t look for carb or sugar as I’m completely satisfied, with no cravings. The best thing about cutting carbs and sugars is weight falls off naturally and without effort.

9. Walk barefoot every day where possible. Take your shoes off! And Ground yourself! This practice daily, keeps you grounded and enables a feeling of earth connection especially after a day in the office with computers, phones etc.

10. Last but not least! The healthiest thing you can do for you, is to, “Fall in Love with You”! Daily say; I LIVE, I LOVE, I LET GO. Before sleep, give yourself permission to go over your day and be grateful, for YOU and for all that you have accomplished and received. Allow anything that could not be done, to be OK.

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