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Bootcamp Tips to Recharge Your Career

Not sure what to do? What direction to take in your career? In issue 9, Veronica Tedman shares Bootcamp Tips to help recharge and revamp your career.

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Africa & Its 'Big Five' Wildlife

The status of Africa's Big Five Wildlife has become of significant concern to wildlife conservationists in recent years. The African Lion, African leopard and African bush elephant are all classified as vulnerable.

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For the Love of Birds

If you love birds, you will fall in love with Mychelle Mahar's paintings. You can read about the transformation that took her art life in a completely new direction in our latest issue.

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Creating Flow

In 'Creating Flow', Interior designer Arjan Nijen Twilhaar says: "trust yourself and follow your style."

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The Squeeze on Juicing

Juicing can help to bring clarity of mind, body, soul and spirit.

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Living with Asperger's

In "Living with Asperger’s, a Mother’s Tale", meet Florence Kelly and share her personal "heart story" of how her son sees the world and interprets what is actually going on.

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Do Koalas Really Get Drunk on Gum Leaves?

Are you aware that very few animals can survive on a diet of gum tree (eucalyptus) leaves? Read about Koalas and their habitat and get the family involved. Help save our Koalas.

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Causes We Support

Wholly Natural - Supporting Good Causes
Wholly Natural - Supporting Good Causes

by Matt Crabtree May 06, 2019

The Wholly Natural team know that it’s important to support good causes. At Wholly Natural, we believe that it’s important to give back. We’re committed to making a difference in the world, and we think that raising awareness, sharing stories, and giving generously can help. That’s why we’re donating 10% of our magazine sales to some fantastic organisations. Find out more, here.

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Our 10 top tips for the mind, body and soul
Lily's 10 Green Tips for the Body, Mind & Soul

by Lynette Dodd June 07, 2018

Sometimes we need some quick results to get us feeling refreshed and energised. Lily’s top 10 tips for the mind, body, and soul can do exactly that. These small changes that you can introduce to your daily lifestyle can make the world of difference to your energy levels and state of mind.

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Welcome to the heart of Wholly Natural
Welcome to the World of Wholly Natural

by Matt Crabtree June 03, 2018

Welcome to our very first blog post! We’re excited to launch the blog in support of the magazine, and we’ll be packing it full of all things natural. Healthy living tips, tasty recipes, and amazing stories will be available over the coming months. Find out more about our mission statement today.

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